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Introducing HFC HawkMail!

HawkMail is a lifetime email for students powered by Google. HFC HawkMail is a full-featured Google account, providing integrated support for most of Google's services using your HFC username and password.

Click here to log into your HawkMail account.
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Important Stuff to Know

  • What is my Email address?
    Your email address is your-login-name@hawkmail.hfcc.edu

  • How do I connect to HawkMail?
    Connect to HawkMail by visiting my.hfcc.edu/hawkmail or by using the links under "Featured Services" in the sidebar to the right. You do not need to "sign up" for HawkMail. Student accounts are created automatically.

  • How do I log in to HawkMail?
    Log in to HawkMail using your regular HFC username and password. For more information about logging in to all HFC systems, HFC Universal Password Help.

  • Did you say lifetime email?
    That's right! You can continue to use your HawkMail account for as long as you want after leaving HFC.

  • Can I forward my HawkMail to a different mailbox?
    Yes, you can! See these forwarding instructions on the Google support website for details.