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Student Clubs are coordinated through the Student Activities Office, Student and Culinary Arts Center, Room 105. Learn what HFC alumni have to say about their college experience at HFC.

Cassandra Fluker, Student Activities Officer
Phone: (313) 845-9838
Fax: (313) 317-6551

For information on how to join a student club, or to form a new club, please contact:

Michele Featherston, Student Activities Department Secretary/ Mirror News Support Staff
Phone: (313) 845-9865
Fax: (313) 317-6551

Mandy Earl, Student Activities Associate
Phone: (313) 317-1756
Fax: (313) 317-6551

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Student Clubs and Faculty Advisors

African American Association

Promotes and provides awareness of African American culture and history through educational programs, community involvement, and campus activities.

Advisor: Kalvin Harvell, (313) 317-1533;

American Sign Language

Henry Ford College's ASL club is for the gathering of students who share a common interest in learning, participating and cultivating sign language and hearing culture. The purpose of HFC ASL club is to increase student interest in ASL classes...

Advisor: Nicola Artese;

Amnesty International

The mission of Amnesty International is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within...

Advisors: Geraldine Grunow, (313) 845-6421; Melinda Dewitt, (313) 317-6848;

Arab Student Union

Increases awareness among Arabs and non-Arabs by promoting academic, cultural, political, and social activities on campus and in the community.

Advisors: Dr. Hashim Al-Tawil, (313) 845-6489;

Astronomy Club

Encourages student involvement to see the fun side of astronomy and science. Works with other clubs to increase interest in the math and science worlds.

Advisor: Steve Murrell, (313) 317-1536;

Baking Club

Students learn about baking and pastry arts. The club provides the opportunity to learn about careers in baking and pastry arts and improve skills in baking and pastry. Students participate in community events to refine and improve their skills...

Advisor: Kris Jablonski, (313) 320-3761;

Christian Club

The club works to promote education about Christianity. The Christian Club promotes spiritual awareness, bible study, outreach programs and fellowship for students who are interested in Christian principles and philosophies. To learn about bible...

Advisor: Carla Bell: (313) 845-6417;

Community Service Club

The club promotes student involvement in community service projects at the college and within the community. Projects include campus activities, service based learning projects, and mentoring programs. This is a "hands on" club that encourages...

Contact: Michele Featherston, (313) 845-9865;

Criminal Justice Club

Provides educational programs, lectures, and career opportunities for students interested in criminal justice and related careers. Participates in community events related to the criminal justice system.

Contact the Student Activities Office (313) 845-9865;

Diversity Club

Fosters a learning and understanding of the various student populations at the college including race, class, religion, gender and sexuality; works to educate and challenge the student body to think critically about our differences, and to...

Advisor: Paul Rodgers, (313) 317-6673;

Engineering Club

The Engineering Club encourages students to explore careers in the field of engineering and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and activities related to the field of engineering. The club strives to develop future leaders through team-...

Advisor: Hassan Nameghi, 313-317-1746 or email officers: President: Wisam

Film Club

Studies filmmaking techniques and genre differences, reviews movies, and critiques films. The Film Club provides learning opportunities. For information about Film Club Meetings, contact the advisor.

Advisor: Alan Contino, (313) 845-6475;

Full Circle Dance Company

Our purpose is to help you grow in the understanding, skill, and artistry of dance by providing you with a rich educational experience through dance program classes; attending concerts and master classes; working with guest, faculty and other...

Diane Mancinelli, Artistic Director (313) 845-6314 Adray Auditorium, MacKenzie

Future Teachers Association

Promotes career opportunities in teaching. Provides educational forums, workshops, and community service projects related to careers in education.

Advisor: Contact the Student Activities Office (313) 845-9865;

Graphic Novel Club

This club encourages students to read and share their enjoyment of graphics novels and the media and share their own experiences with different types of media, including graphic novels from other countries and cultures.

Advisor: Kevin Trovini, (313) 845-9684;

HFC Rotaract Club

Students will perform community service projects with the Dearborn Rotary Club. Students have the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems and opportunities in the community and worldwide. The club strives to...

Advisor: Eric Rader (313) 845-9709

HFC Student Veterans Association

This organization will service members and dependents of the United States Armed Forces by maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for Veterans transitioning from Military to civilian life and services for Veterans within the community. This...

Advisor: Robert James, (313) 845-6356;

HFC Team Ceramics

Creates awareness and appreciation of clay as an art form. Provides workshops for artistic ideas and concepts. Provides a forum for students to display and promote their work.

Advisor: Steven Glazer, (313) 845-6485;

Ice Carving Club

The Ice Carving Club is a "hands on learning" club. Students learn the art of ice carving and have the opportunity to participate in community events that promote ice carving and allow members to display their work.

Advisor: Jeff Lao, (313) 845-6391;; website

Informance Assurance Alliance Club

This club provides support to members by encouraging networking and by attending events outside the campus that provide educational opportunities. The club strives to encourage student success through educational programs and helps students with...

Advisor: Marrci Conner, (313) 317-4021;

International Student Organization (ISO)

The main purpose of the organization is to promote social interaction among international students and expose students to different cultural backgrounds.

Advisor: Lina Jawad, (313) 317-6842;

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Promotes God's work and God's people of every ethnicity and culture. Offers discussion groups and group activities that center around the word of God.

Advisor: Cheryl Garrett; (313) 845-9730;

Lebanese American Heritage Club

Promotes the cultural and customs of Lebanon and works with other clubs to promote cultural understanding and cooperation with others.

Advisor: Imad Nouri, (313) 845-9750;

Mindfulness Club

This club encourages meditation as a form of relaxation and a way to relieve stress.The club will promote and encourage the practice of mindfulness among HFC students. The Mindfulness Club will organize special events and collect resources...

Advisor: Ryan Showler (313) 845-6439

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

Promotes an understanding of Muslim beliefs through community service projects, educational forums, and public awareness. The MSA strives to promote unity among people.

Advisor: Kamal Shenaq, (313) 673-4665;

National Society for Leadership & Success

The Society supplies students with the tools to implement a program that transforms students’ lives. The Society offers life-changing lectures, success networking teams, orientation sessions, induction ceremony, and scholarship opportunities. The...

Contact the Student Activities Office (313) 845-9865;

Palestine Student Organization

PSO is a diverse group of students from different countries, cultures, religions, beliefs, languages, genders, and ages. Our group has many goals to achieve leading to one approach, which is to educate the HFC community and its members about the...

Advisor: Alex Cushnier;

Phi Theta Kappa: Alpha Xi Mu Chapter

PTK is an honors organization characterized by the four hallmarks: leadership, fellowship, scholarship, and service. To be eligible for membership a student must have a 3.25 cumulative grade point average and have completed 12 college level...

Advisor: Laura Yeakel, (313) 845-9721;

Programming Club

Shares knowledge and expertise of computer programming and provides professional networking opportunities for students.

We meet every Thursday in Room E-237

Advisor: Kim Moscardelli; (313) 317-1549; Advisor: Margaret Green;

Psi Beta-National Honor Society in Psychology

This association serves as a means of national recognition of the student's early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and to scholastic achievement. The organization provides a forum for developing one's perspective about...

Advisor: Elaine Louisell (313) 845-9713;

Science Association

The association develops and promotes events that will provide an understanding of the role or science and medicine in daily life. For information about Science Association Meetings, contact the advisor.

Advisor: Dr. Gregory Karapetian (313) 845-9739;

Student Environmental Association

Promotes and provides programs that help the environment. Contributes to the understanding and appreciation of problems associated with the preservation of natural resources and wildlife. Provides a forum to discuss environmental concerns.

Advisors: Mary Parekunnel (313) 317-1747; email Zachary Polzin (313) 317-4016

Student Nurse Association

We are a volunteer group of nursing students who love to help our surrounding communities. SNA members have the opportunity to participate in many activities. In the past, we have donated water bottles to Flint, made ICARE kits for the homeless,...

Cathy Gangarossa, (313) 845-6366; Julie Powell; Missy Mata;

Wrestling Club

The Wresting Club is affiliated with the HFC Athletic Department and the National Collegiate Wrestling Association. Practices and competitions take place during the fall and winter semesters.

Advisor: Rochelle Taylor, (313) 317-4138; Coach: Grant Mackenzie, (313) 318-4022

Yemen Student Association (YSA)

Educates the campus community about Yemeni culture. Promotes student involvement, education, campus lectures and cultural events.

Josephine Alawy,