HFC Universal Username and Password Help

HFC uses one username and password for all systems, including Self Service, WebAdvisor, HFC Online, HawkMail, GroupWise, network logins, and more. This page provides information and links on how to manage your HFC universal password and other account information. You can use the following links for common tasks, or read more details toward the bottom of the page.

Quick fix links

I don't know my username

Search for your username using your last name and HANK ID, SSN, or birth date.

I need to change my password

Use Password Self Service to change your password.

I know my password, but I can't log in

You can not log in with an expired password. Check here to see your password expiration date.

I forgot my password, or my password is expired

You can only Reset your Password if you have set up your challenge questions.

I need to set my challenge questions

Use Setup Password Responses to set up or change the challenge questions. You must know your password to do this.

I'm a new user and I need to set up my password

Activate your account This can be used one time only by new users to activate your account and set challenge questions for a password reset. Do this after you find your username. Remember your answers!

I still can't change my password

Fill out an ACS User Trouble Ticket. You will need your HANK ID to submit a trouble ticket.

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Login information, HANK ID, and username

Your HANK ID is your unique, permanent, seven-digit Student/Employee ID number. This number will appear on all of your official HFC documents. Keep this number where you can find it. It is the fastest way for HFC staff to help when you have a problem or question. Students can also get this information from their instructor, or by contacting the Welcome Center.

Your HANK ID might begin with zeros to make it seven digits long (example: 0499654). These zeros are part of the official number.

Your HFC username (or login name, or sometimes User ID) is used by all campus systems that require login. Your username is usually your first initial, middle initial, and last name, followed by a number, if necessary. Your username is permanent, and can only be changed by the Office of Registration and Records, if necessary, due to a name change.

The best place to find your login name is What's My User ID? in WebAdvisor. You can also try the ACS Login Search on the HelpDesk website.

Managing your password

First-time login if you do not know your password

Your initial password will be a four-digit number taken from the MONTH and DAY (not year) of your birth date. If we do not have your birth date in the database, a random number will be used.

You must change your initial password right away, because it will expire after your first login.

If you have never logged in and don't know your password, simply activate your account. You may do this one time only to set up your password as a new user.

After logging in, you will be prompted to set up challenge questions that you can use to reset your password in the future, in case you forget it or it expires before you change it. Choose challenge questions with answers you will remember easily.

First-time login if you know your password

Proceed directly to "change my password."

You will be prompted to set up challenge questions that will allow you to reset your password in the future, in case you forget it or it expires before you change it. Choose challenge questions with answers you will remember easily.

Change password or reset password?

You can change your password whenever you choose, and you must change it once every six months. Changing your password requires that you know your current password.

You can reset your password if it has expired, or if you have forgotten it.

Password tips and requirements

Choose a password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess.

Your password must be at least 5 characters or numbers long, but no more than 20. We recommend a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Some people use an expression in which numbers are used in place of letters (example: OurHawksRule could become 0urHawk$Rul3).

Never share your password with anyone. You are responsible for all activities performed under your account. A network administrator will never ask you for your password, and IT will never ask for your password via e-mail.

If you think someone has stolen your password, change it immediately.

One login for every system, passwords expire after six months

When you login to any HFC system, you will always use your permanent username and current password. Your password will expire and will need to be changed once every six months. You may change it more frequently if you prefer.

Resources for students

Student accounts automatically expire 120 days after your last registered class ends. If you take more classes after 120 days have passed, your account will be re-activated with the same username, and you will need to reset your password. Your username is permanent.

Your HFC Online Login: HFC Online is HFC's online classroom system, providing access to course materials and other class resources. HFC Online logins are only provided for users who are associated with specific online or online-enhanced courses. Use your normal HFC username and password to access HFC Online.

Contact these offices for help

Below are links to people at HFC who can help you. Do not email your Social Security Number or password when requesting help! You can use your HANK ID and login name for identification in email or on forms.

The Office of Registration and Records

  • Provides support for: login name changes due to misspelling or name change.
  • Phone: 313-845-6403
  • Email: myhfcc@hfcc.edu

Information Technology Services (ITS)

The Office of Instructional Technology

  • Provides support for: HFC Online problems for student courses (not related to password issues).
  • Phone: 313-845-9663
  • Email moodlesupport@hfcc.edu

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