Anti-Virus, Anti-SpyWare and Anti-Spam Procedures

HFC has implemented a robust assortment of tools to provide comprehensive protection against viruses, SpyWare and unsolicited commercial email (spam).


The following Products are used in securing the network, servers, and workstations from viruses and Spam:

Workstation Procedures

  • To further protect instructional computers, all instructional computer labs run DeepFreeze workstation protection software which has reduced local software corruption and has improved protection against viruses and spyware.
  • Anti virus/anti spyware protection must be installed on all servers and workstations during the initial staging process.
  • Automatic daily updates of the Antivirus definitions via Novell Application Launcher (NAL).
  • All service packs will be pushed out immediately (upon qualification) by ITS using NAL.
  • All Microsoft patches will be pushed out immediately (upon qualification) by ITS using Microsoft SUS.
  • All user data is stored on NetWare file servers. McAfee Anti Virus for NetWare is installed on each server containing user data. New virus patterns are checked for daily and installed automatically. All data written to disk is scanned for viruses in real time. Every week, as extra protection, a complete volume scan is run during off hours. This is true for both academic and administrative data.
  • In the event that a computer is compromised, the system will be removed from the network, completely purged, and reloaded.