Ellucian GO is no longer supported

As of Friday, March 22, 2019, IT Services announces that Ellucian GO is no longer be supported at Henry Ford College.

Ellucian GO is a mobile application designed to work with HFC's Student Information System. It provides tools to register for classes, check schedules and grades, and view other campus information.

After review of this system, IT Services has determined that HFC will not renew this service at the end of our current contract.

We understand that a number of students do use this application, but we believe that recent updates to the HFC Portal and the ongoing migration from WebAdvisor to the new Self-Service platform now provide a much better user experience than Ellucian GO.

IT Services has not yet determined a date to shut down support for Ellucian GO. When we do, this page will be updated, and we will communicate this change to the college community. In the meantime, we recommend that students not already using Ellucian GO should not download or install the application at this time. Instead, we recommend that students continue using the HFC Student Portal to access college information from your mobile devices.