Continuous Process Improvement Team Members and Reports: Winter 2017

Team Members and Reports

Community Partnerships - Sponsor: Stacy Bazman, Scholarship Coordinator and Donor Relations Associate, The Foundation, and Lourdes Brossy, MS, Adjunct Faculty, Health & Physical Education

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Jill Sestok Lab Associate II Learning Lab & Tutoring Services (Team Leader) Joyce Hovermale Job Developer Office of Career Services (Team Adviser) Kyrsten Rue Cooperative Education Officer Office of Career Services (Team Adviser) Maya Calloway Richardson, MBA Student Success Navigator Industrial Arts & Technology (Team Scribe) Lyndon Ford, MBA, EA Adjunct Faculty Business and Computer Technology Z. Janet Hazamy Associate III - Course Placement Enrollment Services Connie Morang Associate II - Welcome Center Enrollment Services

Continuous Process Improvement - Sponsor: Reuben Brukley, Labor Relations Specialist, Human Resources, and Dr. Lisa Copprue, Vice President of Student Affairs

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Bryan Bame Budgeting Coordinator Financial Services (Team Leader) Ruth Haller Full Time Faculty Communications Division (Team Scribe) Cynthia Berrien BUIL Department Secretary Facilities Services Adam Cloutier Director Teaching & Learning Services George Giankulis Facilities Associate Facilities Services Stephanie Larson Enrollment Associate I - Concierge Enrollment Services Kushum Prasad Adjunct Faculty Mathematics Karen Richards Assistant to Associate Dean Counseling

Employee Training - Sponsor: Becky Chadwick, Vice President, Strategy and Information, and Debra Pace, Generalist, Human Resources

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Bryan Johnson Senior System Administrator Information Technology Services (Team Leader) Lisa Hastings Assistant to the Associate Dean Health Sciences (Team Scribe) Jamie Henne Manager Enrollment Services Elaine Saneske Instructor Business and Computer Technology Steve Sosnoski Adjunct Faculty Communications Hassan Taleb Adjunct Faculty Math and Science

Shared Leadership - Sponsor: Eileen Husband, General Counsel/Vice President Legal Services and Terrilyn Hagen, Special Assistant to Vice President of Strategy and Information

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Kevin Culler Executive Director of Financial Services and Financial Aid (Team Leader) Mary Ann Cozad Adjunct Faculty, Health Career Services Caryne DeMatteo Special Assistant to General Counsel/Vice President of Legal Services Eric Gackenback Full Time Faculty, Business and Computer Technology Division Nabeleh Ghareeb Adjunct Faculty, School of Business Jacqueline Lawson Business and Computer Technology Patricia Sekulidis Marketing and Communications and Graphic Design Cynthia Stiller Assistant Dean of Social Sciences, Art and Fitness