Continuous Process Improvement Team Members and Reports: Fall 2016

Team Members and Reports

Absence Tracking - Continuous Process Improvement - Sponsor: Reuben Brukley, Manager of Facility Services

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Stephanie Latzke Assistant Director of Financial Aid (Team Leader) Ryan Zitnik Ellucian Systems Analyst (Team Scribe) Sandy Cartwright Payroll Manager Ron Emeigh Adjunct Instructor, Business Department Lori Fracassa Division Secretary, Teaching and Learning Services Michelle Hill Lab Associate II, Learning Lab Lori Steinbach Human Resources Generalist

Grant Management - State/Federal Continuous Process Improvement Team - Sponsor: Cynthia Glass, Ed.D., Vice President of Administrative Services & Special Assistant to the President

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Denise Modrzynski, Special Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (Team Leader) Janice Gilliland, Associate Dean, Math and Sciences Division (Team Advisor) Joyce Hovermale, Job Developer, Career Services (Team Scribe) MaryAnn Cozad, Adjunct Faculty, Health Sciences Division Scott Jedele, Program Manager - Industry, MS-AMC/Industrial Technology Division Heather Keller, Apprenticeship Coordinator Gary Saganski, Associate Dean, Industrial Technology Division

Standard Employee Operating Procedures - Sponsor: Becky Chadwick, Vice President, Strategy and Information

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Amy Ducher Project Assistant, Academic Affairs (Team Leader) Joyce Hommel Library Supervisor (Team Scribe) Lauren Frederick Financial Services Lori Gonko Coordinator of Program Improvement and Effectiveness Valerie Kingins Facility Services Cynthia Parrelly Manager - Enrollment Services Hassan Taleb Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics Christy Ward Adjunct Faculty, Biology Lab Associate, Biology

Workforce Diversity - Continuous Process Development Team - Sponsor: William Lodge, Director of Labor Relations

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William Lodge, Director of Labor Relations (Team Lead/Sponsor) Aura Cazares, Student Conduct/Compliance and Title IX Officer (Team Scribe) Rebecca Michalski, Assistant to the Associate Dean- Industrial Technology Nabeleh Ghareeb, Supply Chain Management Adjunct Instructor Joel Geffen, Academic Coordinator of Religious Studies Lyndon Ford, Accounting Adjunct Instructor Katrina Minnis, Enrollment Associate III Maureen Webster, Counselor- Assisted Learning Services Eileen Husband, Vice President and General Counsel, Legal Services