Why Do Continuous Process Improvement?

Adopting continuous process improvement is an investment of time and money, but there are many compelling reasons to make the commitment. At HFC, there are five major factors that led to our decision to participate in continuous process improvement training and projects.

1. Concern For Our Students And Stakeholders

The number one reason to engage in continuous process improvement is so we can improve the services for our students and stakeholders. Students have made the choice to attend HFC, invest their time and resources and so it is imperative the we do all we can to provide an excellent level of service to our students.

2. Frustration

There was a college-wide realization that several current critical business and departmental processes were ineffective and inefficient, but we were unable to find universally accepted solutions.

3. Antiquated Processes

Very often processes become a part of the institutional knowledge, carried from one staff person to the next without a full evaluation of whether the process has evolved to a point that it needs to be revised. Often, we continue with antiquated processes when there are better, faster, more efficient and less costly ways in which to proceed.

4. The Need To Maximize Resources

In comparison to other like colleges, HFC is extremely lean staffed. In an environment of budget cuts, trying to do increased business with flat or decreased resourced requires a plan to seek out methods of operation. It’s important to continue to better service students, even with decreasing resources and staff.

5. The Desire For Excellence

As an institution focus on delivering improved customer service, is is imperative that we develop internal procedures that allow us to follow through on that promise. We strive, not for perfection but for excellence which means we continuously look for ways to make things better.