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Henry Ford College does not discriminate in its educational programs, activities, admissions procedures or employment practices on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, height, weight, or marital status. Inquiries in this specific regard should be communicated directly to the Affirmative Action Office or the Vice-President/Dean of Student Services, who will provide a copy of the Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure and review with the student an appropriate procedure to follow.
Image Notification Statement:
Through your printed and/or online application for enrollment at Henry Ford College (HFC), you agree to allow the institution to use your image for marketing, communication and promotional purposes of the college. This includes the use of your image in videos, media releases, marketing collateral materials, College publications, online resources such as websites and email. Any student who does not want their image used in these materials must state their objection to the photographer/videographer during the shoot and/or in writing, or submit your request to the HFC Office of Communications via email at or 313-317-6801.
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* For Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship program information, please call 313-845-6415.

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*   DEGREE AND CERTIFICATE PROGRAM APPLICANTS: For admission to HFC you will need to show proof of earning a HS diploma, a passing GED score, or a college degree.

*   NON-DEGREE PROGRAM APPLICANTS (Advancement Plus, Dual Enrollment, Early College, Collegiate Academy, English Language Training): Select "Diploma" below.

If you will not have a HS diploma, college degree, or passing GED score prior to starting classes at HFC, you are not eligible for admission. 
Please do not complete this application unless you have selected a Non-Degree program (Advancement Plus, Dual Enrollment, Early College, Collegiate Academy, English Language Training).

If you have earned a college degree, please complete the high school information above, and send an official transcript showing proof of a college degree (associate's, bachelor's, master's, or professional degree) to the address listed on the application confirmation page which you will see after you submit this form.
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